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iPhone 5 pre-Order sells Out

iPhone 5 Pre-Order Sells Out Faster Than 4 And 4S 


Google Service blocked in china

According to the Google Transparency Report . Unfortunately all Google services are impossible in China, which monitors visitor to the company's sites around the globe.  also reported that Google all service (search & site) were being blocked there.

Windows 8 Shortcuts .

Microsoft Corporation now realeased his new operating system Windows 8. This operating system has changed all of the feature. So now it's a new operating system & this is the problem for all user. This post is very helpful to the all user. Down show the some tips & tricks of windows 8. 

 Keyboard shortcuts :
Windows 8 is very hotkey-heavy, I assure to you that this is very helpful shortcut’s :

How to use image on facebook chat.

Regard's to you. Now facebook is a popular social media. Specially its chatting feature to going it top popularity. We use many other emoticons on chat. Whether we will do convert any image to chat code & use it Facebook Chat.

Down the rule of any image convert to chat code.